A Zealous Donation

Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in everyday work and forget the bigger picture.   I for example fill my brain with the chatter of work emails, scheduling, billing, ordering, etc. and forget to remind myself about the importance of why I chose landscaping as a profession.  Recently, I had a huge reminder and I have Brittany Martin Graunke of Zealous Good to thank.    

Avant-Gardenscapes teamed up with Zealous Good – a Chicago-based social enterprise start-up focused on connecting donors and charities – to help create a butterfly garden for the pre-kindergarten kids at St. Vincent de Paul Center.  St Vincents de Paul Center works with children from families of the working poor and wished to create a playground container garden.  Brittany was instrumental in connecting us with Jennifer Blackwell, of St. Vincent de Paul, to help fulfill their needs. 

Being a first-time contributor, I found the entire process much easier than expected.  It was as simple as placing a few orders, picking out the plants, and meeting the van for the pick-up.  Our donation included 15 butterfly perennials and also empty pots, potting soil, and a wide variety of vegetables and herbs.  Now these youngsters get to watch and learn where food comes from.        

I did not realize how much joy and curiosity we brought, until I saw the playground photos.  It is nice to know that gardening can inspire and encourage future generations to be outdoors, learning about nature.     

We at Avant-Gardenscapes are proud to be a part of something bigger.  Check out the blog posted about our successful match on Zealous Good’s website.


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